The collection of Pjer Križanić’s drawings and caricature

The collection was founded during 2004 out of 90 works of Pierre Križanić that had been donated to the Gallery “Nadežda Petrović” by Katја and Djordje Paunović from Belgrade. These are the drawings and cartoons from the legacy of Djordje’s father Siniša Paunović, born in Čačak, a famous publicist and journalist of the daily newspaper “Politika”.

The collection contains the drawings and caricature that Pierre Križanić (Glina 1890 – Belgrade 1972) was doing just before and after the Second World War, as an illustrator and cartoonist of the “Politika” newspapers. There is an undoubtful psychological point of the presented characters in his caricature, without a big caricaturing, an unnecessary physiological deformation and often without a setting (interior), which the presented character performs in the foreground. The thing that sometimes defines the character or characters more closely is a written dialogue, which only complements a psychologically intuitive description just as ”mental eye view” of which he himself said. Predominantly point in  this collection  is  very important documentary value. Pierre was often aspired  the idea about  represented certain character, hence the artistic idea was totally neglected and comes to the front the political and documentary dimension.


The drawings represent famous people of that time, either foreign or domestic, from the world of politics, culture, public social life. What is especially important are political cartoons, something that Pierre Križanić is famous for, but also the cartoons of actors and scientists – Pierre’s contemporaries. Also an important documentary value has a series of cartoons showing the trials of Nazi officers immediately after the Second World War.

Drawings and cartoons of Pierre Križanić’s, a great caricaturist and one of the pioneers of modern Serbian cartoons are an important chronicle of his time and events.