Yugoslav art of the second half of the 20th century

The collection was formed a few years after Gallery founding from the art works purchased at the exhibitions of the Nadežda Petrović Memorial. After that, the paintings had been provided at auctions or they had been given by the authors and other donors. The collection consists of the art works in the period between 1950 and 2000. The collection is extremely heterogeneous, as well as the styles and trends on the art scene of that period and contains mostly paintings, but there are also graphics, drawing, sculpture, photography, objects, installations, video works etc. Аnalysing the art works in the collection, we can notice characterictic of the phenomena in world art in this period: optics and phenomenology of  picture, pure paintings, lyric abstraction, abstract expressionism, enformel, figuring of various periods, hyperrealism, emotion, gesture, new expressionism, conceptualism, eclecticism, mixed media etc. With exhibitions that represented these phenomena and events were collected art for this collection. So this collection to depict completely the exhibiting work of the Gallery. The collection contains masterpieces of some authors, such as Ivan Tabaković, Pedja Milosavljević, Vladimir Veličković… impressive works of poetic realism (Marko Čelebonović), enformels (Mića Popović and Vera Božičković-Popović), visual metaphors (Petar Lubarda), new expressionism (Milan Konjović), geometric abstractions (Stojan Ćelić), figuring in various periods (Olja Ivanjicki, Vojislav Stanić, Aleksandar Luković, Božidar Damjanovski, Kosa Bokšan, Miljenko Stančić, Milan Blanuša). Due to chronological belonging, collection was complted with the works of native painters from this town.

Since 1967 the Gallery has permanent exhibition  of  works that belong to this collection. During the years, the display had been changed and revised. But,  It is presentation of the development of Serbian and Yugoslav art concerning only art problems – form, colours, lights, substance, construction etc.